Sportclub Family Tree

Sportclub has created this page to help show our in house brands separated from our suppliers. We hope this gives our customers a clear picture into what we can provide and what we have built over 19 years in business. Watch this space, as our family tree is growing!




EST 2002


Below you can find our in-house brands.

Sportclub (Parent Company) 

Supplying NZ with all the sports equipment required to make your sport ready to play. From swimming to rugby and everything in between. From clothing to hardware goals. Sportclub has got you covered.

Sport Court Centre (Sister Company)

Supplying NZ with custom sport courts. Your only supplier in NZ of the patented design Nexxtgrip.

Uniform Hub (Sister Company)

Supplying NZ with stock and customized uniforms for schools. Comfort, cost and creativity are at the forefront. Online school uniform shop. 

Brands curated by Sportclub:


Sportmax is our carefully designed sporting accessories developed over 20 years. The brand specialises in balls. Rugby, basketball and netball etc.


Our most recognised brand across New Zealand, 3DA is our clothing solution. 3DA is fully customisable clothing to suit your needs. 3DA specialises in sportswear clothing. Patterns, fabrics and designs developed over 20 years.


SportVent is our company's technology for all our sporting garments. It provides the highest quality breathable quick dry fabric, long-lasting comfort, ventilation in all the right places and not to forget durability. Time to make the change and allow SportVent to help you focus more on the game than hold you back.


Below you can find our suppliers.

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